& Healing

6 weeks starting June 24th
3.30pm – 5.30pm ET


12.30 pm PT /  8.30pm UKT /  9.30pm CEST / 7.30am June 25th NZT
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Work with the power of the heart. 

Be more conscious of energy. 

Practice living in your divine intuitive nature.

According to research, your heart center – which is located in the middle of your chest and including your physical heart – generates over 5,000 times more electromagnetic energy than any other organ in your body.  5,000 times more!


That’s a lot. It must be pretty important.

Your heart is what connects you with another. Your heart is also the portal to your INTUITION.

As you open your heart, your intuition channels are more available.

As you become more conscious of the energy that flows around you and through you, you learn to discern when energy is yours and when it isn’t. You learn to orchestrate the energy, to be the alchemist and not the victim.

When you work with healing energy, you channel high frequency energy, which not only enables healing for another, it also heals you.

You might even find that working with energy feels “normal”… as if you are “remembering” that you already know… how… to do this.

Your INTUITION is your natural ability to be in communication with the world within you and around you.

Sounds simple, right?

Yes. It is simple. And you need to practice. If you want to trust yourself more, then listen. Listen to what your intuition is saying.

Practice intuition techniques that can become a regular part of your every day, wise woman.

  • Intuit your own wisdom
  • Connect with higher frequency beings

Listen to YOUR wisdom…

The PATH OF THE HEART series is for YOU, wise woman, if you want to...

What people say about my intuition courses…

“I feel very blessed to have connected with Leanne and to have done quite a few courses with her from intuition to advanced healing… [I] come away feeling uplifted, more empowered and keen and eager to learn more.”
Fiona – life coach & entrepreneur
“My first course with Leanne had a profound impact on my life. Within our very first meeting I realized how lost/separated I had become from my spiritually… [Now] I am so full/whole that I am overflowing with abundant light and love. Wow that sounds airy fairy but it’s true. I know in my heart that I am on the right path - my path.”
Selina – fulltime mom, creative & sports enthusiast
“Leanne creates a safe environment for the deepest of soul journeys and facilitates personal healing not only through her own wisdom and light, but by revealing the healer in all of us.”
Annette – singer, song writer / mother

Introduction to INTUITION & HEALING
6-week course

About Leanne Babcock


Since a very young age, Leanne saw auras, apparitions, heard voices and picked up on others feelings.

From the age of 12, she began taking courses to develop her intuition and at 13 began teaching. Leanne ran intuition development and energy healing courses for many years in North America and New Zealand… and now online to participants around the world.

She also learned that the key to true happiness, inner strength and love, was to love and be kind to herself.

As well as the lifetime of intuition training, Leanne is trained in neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, ontological coaching, multiple-brain integration and shamanism.











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6 weeks starting June 24th
3.30pm – 5.30pm ET

$110.00 USD

12.30 pm PT /  8.30pm UKT /  9.30pm CEST / 7.30am June 25th NZT
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INTUITION & HEALING ~ 6 weeks starting June 24th

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Work with the power of the heart. Be more conscious of energy. Practice living in your divine intuitive nature.

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