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Lost my courage that day

“You’re the poster child for courage. You live this every day,” Victoria said. She was interviewing me on Courageous Conversations about my life and my

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Your Heart’s Desire

How can I tell you that anything you want to do, you can, without sounding trite? “Oh, you don’t have children do you Leanne? That’s

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The Freedom Of Forgiveness

The break. The misunderstandings. The wounding. The forgiveness. The freedom. I had been staying at the Temple of the Universe, a temple that Michael Singer,

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“Leanne, this is Shannon. I think you two will have a few things in common,” Linda said and then disappeared with her client who was

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It’s Time To Go

Two ants bit me both at once. I was attending a peace circle gathering to celebrate the summer solstice. About twelve of us were sitting

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Landing in Canada

I imagined myself landing in Canada, spending a few days with mom and with Greg. Then buying a van and getting on the road. 3

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Keeping My Hand Down

It was question time. The speaker had been inspiring. I was wondering how this might impact on a situation I was dealing with. The man

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