Leanne Babcock

For over 30 years, I have been an intuitive life coach and speaker and, more recently an author with an international best-seller. I have led life-altering programs for public, government agencies, and corporate organizations, helping thousands of people around the world, in one-on-one and in group settings. From my work, people transform their inner & outer worlds: releasing limiting thoughts and beliefs, and accessing their own inner wisdom — enabling real confidence and wiser choices. In essence, my work is about helping women to remember who they are, to find their own truth and to discover the courage to follow their own path. "Trusting your intuition is worth the courage it takes." ~ Leanne Babcock

If only you thought like me, things would go better! – Is this true?

My head drew back a little as the comb pulled through my hair. My hairdresser was combing through the curls before trimming as she shared with me about her and her best friend. They had just become estranged following a conversation they had discovering their varied opinions about what’s happening in the world right now. …

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No time for habits or ruts

I held the fork in my hand. Where does this go again? I’ve been living here for a couple of months now and for a second I stood there in the kitchen—paused. You know those moments when you don’t have to think to put the dishes away? In fact, you can even think of something else, while …

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Lost my courage that day

“You’re the poster child for courage. You live this every day,” Victoria said. She was interviewing me on Courageous Conversations about my life and my book: Open Me. I have done a lot of courageous things. I have faced fears of being alone and finding my way by going on a 12-month road trip across North …

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Learning. Learning. Learning!

It was just a little pothole. Well maybe a few potholes. I didn’t see them. I looked down at the floor inside my camper: all of my clothes heavily slumped over my bike—the pole I used to hang up my clothing had broken away from the wall where it had been glued and screwed snuggly …

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